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Desktop computers have had malware for many decades, and those threats changed over time. Now, anti-malware products find and remove so many threats that counts cease to have practical meaning, and updates for new threats must be delivered well-nigh constantly.

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Likewise, threats targeting mobile phones have grown in both quantity and complexity. As we moved from the early days where threats were few and new ones appeared infrequently, to the present situation of having a practically uncountable number of threats, malware researchers tried to find some way to help people figure out which threats are of greatest concern. Now most of us carry powerful computers with us wherever we go, and those computers are equipped with receivers that identify our location at all times. The microphone or camera functionality of your phone may be in use by the tracker, so be mindful of what is happening around your device.

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As unintuitive as this may sound, you may not want to power your phone off, as this may compromise data or evidence on your phone. Do turn off network connectivity immediately; put the device in Airplane Mode, and make sure this has disabled Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as well. Put your phone out of earshot, and leave it there while you get to a safe place.

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When you are ready to forward your phone to an expert, put it into a Faraday Bag before interacting with it again. Once you are out of physical proximity of the mobile device being tracked, you can begin to take a more thorough assessment of your situation and start bolstering your defenses. Keep potentially-compromised devices out of your safe space so that they cannot report this location to the person tracking you. Once you determine that devices are safe, you should bolster your overall security precautions.

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Make sure you have updated security software including anti-malware and firewall functionality. Update your software including your operating system, Internet browsers and plugins. Change your passwords: choose ones that are strong, memorable and unique for each device and account. Do not re-use passwords for different accounts or devices.

Going forward, once you have determined that your devices are clean, you may decide to encrypt data stored on your devices and communications sent over the network, such as via email or instant messaging. Keep in mind that SMS text messages are not encrypted. Find out where your kids are.

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Protect your children from being influenced by dangers of their environment. Increases control and safety of your business.

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