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Tap Upload. How to upload audio files iOS users can record audio using the Dropbox mobile app and save directly to their Dropbox account. To do so: Open the Dropbox app. Tap Record Audio. Tap the red circle to begin recording and the red square to stop recording.

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Select the Dropbox folder where you'd like to store your audio file. Note: The Dropbox app for Windows devices does not currently support audio capture.

How to upload other types of files Open the Dropbox app. Open the Dropbox folder where you'd like to store your files. You can also choose to create content using Microsoft Office applications. If your device has an SD card, you can upload files to Dropbox from there. Select Upload files. Navigate to your SD card, and tap the files you'd like to upload.

Tap Upload or Open on some devices. How helpful was this article? When apps wants to access data from your smartphone's motion or light sensors, they often make that capability clear. That keeps a fitness app, say, from counting your steps without your knowledge. But a team of researchers has discovered that the rules don't apply to websites loaded in mobile browsers, which can often often access an array of device sensors without any notifications or permissions whatsoever.

That mobile browsers offer developers access to sensors isn't necessarily problematic on its own. It's what helps those services automatically adjust their layout, for example, when you switch your phone's orientation. And the World Wide Web Consortium standards body has codified how web applications can access sensor data. And sites are using it. The researchers found that of the top , sites—as ranked by Amazon-owned analytics company Alexa—3, incorporate scripts that tap into one or more of these accessible mobile sensors.

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That includes plenty of big names, including Wayfair, Priceline. For this collection of sensors there isn't a permissions infrastructure. That unapproved access to motion, orientation, proximity, or light sensor data alone probably wouldn't compromise a user's identity or device. And a web page can only access sensors as long as a user is actively browsing the page, not in the background. But the researchers note that on a malicious website, the information could fuel various types of attacks, like using ambient light data to make inferences about a user's browsing, or using motion sensor data as a sort of keylogger to deduce things like PIN numbers.

In past work , researchers have also shown that they can use the unique calibration features of motion sensors on individual devices to identify and track them across websites. Would encryptions help? Not just that, you need to check your home first. Never leave your home security unchecked. Replace locks. Keep some info about your home when not home. I am struggling with everything. All our personal details were stolen.

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Keys duplicated. Using it to harrass us. And neighbors become involved. The person who wanted to destroy us stays in my line. They sneak in to our home. Monitor your friends. They never trust you. Because these crooks give all private personal details. May be one of your known person involved. And some one was searching my home for info. If once break in they keep on doing it.

If tell anyone they will think we are crazy. They do it. And they come and speak to you. Whether you got a suspicion. Breaking in will be very smooth. Now we are about to report to police. Think that they have access to your home. HE swears that he did not send it and that his phone must have been hacked but it was one email…not a bunch of emails like spam normally does. The email also has details of what town he was in at the time. From Josh Kirschner on August 28, :: pm.

Does the content of the email give you any further information?

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I have a strong feeling that my phone is been hacked and messages on my iPhone6 including whats app messages can be read by third party. Please help. Hi, im 52 married 29 years housewife. I have worked all my life caring for others. Seven years ago i had to have knee surgery. I havnt been same since. My husband has taken over everything. He pays all bills, i take care of him. I fix his plates. I evencutthe crust offhis bread like he likes.

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Slowly over the last seven years he has managed to put everything in his name. All bank accounts. I never thought twice about it. Then two years agomy world as i know it started to crumble. Onmy 50th birthday a girl left a message on my husbands phone. It said hi hunny its millisa give me a call when u get this.

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He said she just got wrong num. So i let it go. Then i was using his phone to call my sister and i noticed under recently sent emojis there was a heart made out of puppy dogs and kisses. He didnt send it to me. That night he got on his phone started removing apps. He said he removed them soi wouldnt be upset when he didnt do anything. Then i was taking a bath my phone went off i seen i had a email. It was from my husband who was in.

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The same house that said i think im falling in love. My heart stopped. I knew something wasnt right. I kept quiet just started looking through things. There was an email sent to his phone that said your sec email address is now ready. But with all that said one day i got on my laptop and a bunch of stuff wasnt right. There was snapchat and others i have never in my life used. He started getting meaner saying i was crazy. I had altimerz. Trying to convince my family and friends i was crazy.

But i kept noticing all this stuff. And i felt it in my stomach somethings not right.